OTB Producer Company LTD

OTB Producer Company LTD. is a Registered under the companies(Amendment) Act 2002, an act further to amend the companies' act 1956. OTB Producer Company LTD. has been formed with members of FGs/PGs/KCs/UGs/LGs/SHGs or any type of producers groups / individual producers whether incorporated or not and to any producer person sincerely engaged in providing any organizational, technical or financial assistance to all producers group and has a specific program to work for the benefit of members of the different group of producers. It has a plan to promote health program at various level of producers and give proper technical training to develop the activities of producers group.

Farmer Education

The study of Farmer Education at the graduate ....

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Farming Research

Please contact us for package deals ,The ...

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Kisan Mandi

Purified water is an essential resource in all medical...

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Masik Bachat Samridhdhi Yojna 1 Years(DSY)

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